Friday, October 10, 2014

Change in Plans!

So...Mommy had a doctor's appointment and scan of you yesterday.  You looked really always do (except that one time the sonographer and I couldn't get you to wake up for the life of us....but gave you an NST a while later and you did just fine!).  And Mommy's blood pressure was 158/74.  I asked if I could have her take it again (because I know part of that "high-ness" is from me being nervous about having a high reading).  She had me lay on my left side for a few minutes and took it again and it was 133/64.  Much better...but the only problem there is that I don't live life laying on my left side! So, Dr. F comes in and we talk about the high pressure some - usually he is really easy going about stuff.  And he was this time too, saying 158 isn't THAT high...especially since it went down with the second reading. But, we could "make a case" now to get you out at 38 weeks instead of 39 (which was already on the schedule for Oct. 20th).   I was a bit surprised.  I have had a borderline high reading here and there...but have been pretty good lately, except for this week. He's always been very easy going about my BP numbers, so I was shocked he was actually saying this!  He looks at the calendar and said...well, Oct. 13 would be 38 weeks, so if you are good with it, we can schedule his birthday for that date.  I just looked at him and said, "Are you serious?".  Your Daddy and I always joke that as long as we make it to 36+ weeks, we'd love to have you anytime after.  But, once that actually happens it gets a little real! I called your Daddy and told him the news and asked what he thought.  We both agreed that if the Doc thinks it's needed then we will trust his judgement since he does this a lot! I went out after that and talked to the c-section scheduler at the doc's office and she said she'd work with the hospital to get us in on Oct. 13th.  And she did...Oct. 13th at 11am.  Yikes!  At that point, that's like only four days away!  Good thing I have gotten most everything done!  Just a few loose ends to tie up and rework people to watch Avery too.  That was the hardest part because your Mimi and Pa had that job, but were now not going to be able to be here for your birth. Luckily, your Sister Meggie has the day off of school and Sister KK will come and they will tag team Avery while we have you and then come to the hospital later in the day to meet you! Like I said, your Mimi and Pa will be there a few days later and your Nana will be there a couple days after that.

Now, I just fight the mental aspect of all of this.  Getting surgery, getting you out...and seeing you outside of the womb that you are a healthy little boy.  Some of this starts messing with my brain and causes me to worry.  What I have realized is that God has ordained this.  You are coming into our lives to bring joy...and He is just clearing the path for this to happen. If I don't recognize the joy and appreciate it...I will miss out on God's blessings entirely.  Or least a lot of them.  And that would be something I would totally regret later on.  So, my mind is stuck on what is TRUE (Phil 4:8) instead of what "could be."  God's truth is that He provides children as a blessing.  And you, my son, are something we never thought we would have (a boy!)...and there is no way satan is stealing that joy from me.  Once I got over the initial shock of, "Oh my...FOUR days!", mixed with a sudden fear of all the bad "what if's"...and I focused on God's goodness, I started feeling like four days is way too long!  I can't wait!  You are the end result of the c-section...and as much as getting cut open sucks, I get YOU after that!  And this Mama CANNOT wait to have a little boy to cuddle with!  I'm pumped, Josiah!  We have seen so much of you in sonogram pictures, I truly cannot wait to see you in my arms!  I love you...and will SEE YOU SOON!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

35 Weeks!

Hey baby boy!  Just doing a quick check in on your blog.  We are four weeks away from your delivery (by c-section).  We are SOOOOO READY.  And did I mention that we are really, really ready for you?  We totally are.  Daddy and Sissies are for sure...but Mommy the most.  I tell you what...this second pregnancy is NO JOKE. I am worn out more and tire quicker than I did with your sister.  My belly is HUGE.  People are shocked that I have a month to go still.  Sleeping?  Don't even get me started there!  My hips hurt, so I flip flop from one side to the other throughout the night.  And if the hip pain wasn't enough, one of my shoulders is super sore I have to be careful how I lay on it.  And my arms EASILY fall asleep at night...and throughout the day if I am using them a lot above my heart.  It's just crazy!  You should see our's like a crazy pillow fortress trying to get your Mommy comfy! The swelling in my feet is probably about the same as with your sister...but the hand swelling is more (which is why they fall asleep so much). Also, I had Braxton Hicks contractions with your sister, but nothing like I do with you.  Hers were more at the end of the day, my body was tired and I was resting in bed.  With you...I could have them all day for three days straight...and then just a few here and there the next day. Everything is just amplified that much more than the first time.  Enough to make me convinced that pregnancy should only be EIGHT months long!

One thing that has been easier is in the 30+ weeks of pregnancy, my blood sugars have been on a rock star level!  Up until week 35 here, it's been so easy, it's like we are in 1st trimester again.  So good that it makes me wonder if my placenta is still healthy since the health of it is what makes my blood sugars rise and my body need more and more insulin.  But, I've had the sono tech check my placenta and she says it looks so healthy I could be just 20 weeks pregnant!  So, I will just enjoy this big "nice to have" with your pregnancy, because everything else has been a lot tougher on me!

In the last month, I have had a few minor concerns with my blood pressure.  Nothing too high...just 130-140/80-90 a couple times when I have  been in to the doctor.  He checked my urine for protein (there was a trace a couple weeks ago), and just last Thursday, there was none.  And my BP was in normal range.  This is really probably not going to be a big deal at all, but has made you Mama realize that she needs to slow down and rest more for sure.  And so I have.  I just get bored pretty easily!  =) After taking it easy more now, my BP has come back into normal range pretty easily.

Your sissy Meggie had her 17th birthday a couple weeks ago, Mimi's is today...and your Mama's is tomorrow!  We have a bunch of birthdays right around this time of year  Your Nana's is coming up Oct. 4th, Vera's is Oct. 16th and then Nate's is Oct. 19th.  Right before you get here!  So you will fit in with all the October birthdays pretty easily!  Speaking of your birthday, at my doctor's appointment last week, we started the process to get on the c-section schedule for your actual birth day.  Finally!  Right now it is set for October 20th at 9:30am, which is the first c-section of the day. The scheduler said it looked pretty definite on the schedule, but will find out for absolute certainty next week at my appointment.  She said she would call last Friday if there was a conflict and she didn' I assume we are good to go!  Yay!  One month from today!!!!

Also, at that appointment, they did another growth scan of you.  You are a BIG BOY!  If I had to guess, you will be 10 lbs coming out!  You weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz at 34.5 weeks!  That's bigger than your sister was at this point (I think she was around 6 lbs at 32-33 yeah, you're bigger).  I will take you however God makes you...and am just totally grateful that I am having a c-section so I don't have to worry about pushing your 10 lb body out!  You can already see your chubby cheeks in there...can't wait to see you in person!  And hold you!

As your big Sissies would say - you've got big cheeks!  Just like Avery Jo did.  I totally can't wait to see how much you like like your siblings...or don't. Just. Can't. Wait.

We have just a few things left to do before you get here.  I need to finish off your baby carrier (like a MobyWrap) for you that I have made.  Just got done sanitizing all your bottles and breast pump supplies.  Still need to pack the hospital bag....and finish up the final touches of your room.  I'm sure there are more but those are the big ones.  

Love you big little boy!  Just can't wait to hold you...and kiss your face!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

31 Weeks, Little Guy!

Hi baby boy!  It's been a while since I wrote about you...I think four weeks actually!  I want to apologize up front because even if Mommy doesn't write to you nearly as much as I did with your big sis, I promise, you are JUST as loved, JUST as wanted, and we are JUST as excited about you coming into our lives!

So, over the last several weeks, we have been doing a lot of stuff - both your older sisters (Megan and Avery) have started school.  Meggie is a senior in high school!  And Avery Jo just started preschool two mornings a week.  Both are doing great - and Avery Jo is loving school - maybe even loving it a little too much because of a little boy named Logan.  She seems to have a small crush on this little guy. Here's her first day pictures...

Here's the latest and greatest from you - I go to twice/week biophysical profiles now, so I get a lot of time seeing you and even got another 3D picture of you yesterday!

Your hand is obviously right by your face...but on the left side, the other two items are your FEET!  In fact, if you look close, your arm is around your leg even!  You are all twisted up in there! And your littlest big sis was just like you...with her hands in her face, sucking on fingers and toes!

Haven't had a growth ultrasound again recently, so I'd be really interested to know how big you are right now!  Or maybe I don't want to know too!  I definitely feel large and in charge!  Like I should have four weeks left to go instead of eight!  You have been a mover and a shaker in there for the past week or so.  You feel larger in your movements...rolls and turns.  At one point with my biophysical profiles, you were head down, but just yesterday, your head was back up on my right side.  Really doesn't matter to me, as you will be coming out by c-section anyway!

You have definitely had the hiccups in there more and more.  I think yesterday was around four times...usually at least twice a day.  My only complaints are that my feet are swollen (kind of used to it now!) and I never ever get good sleep.  My hips both hurt when I sleep on my left shoulder hurts.  I can't sleep on my back because it makes me feel all weak and weird.  So, I just flip flop all night long.  And getting this belly to flip and flop ain't easy either!  =)

Lastly, you were showered with love last weekend with a baby shower!  We had so much fun just getting together and eating yummy food and fun candy!  Shelly and Mary put it on and did an amazing job.  Your Mommy totally felt loved!  And you were loved on too!  Here's a few pics!

Love you little boy!  Stay in there a little while longer, but we can't wait to meet you!!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

27 Weeks

Hey baby boy!  We are about 27.5 weeks along right now.  We went to the doctor a few days ago and got to see you again!  I had no idea that we would get to see you in 3D at this ultrasound, but we did!  Check out your cuteness!!!!

Total sweetness, right?!  You are already such a big boy!  Measured 3 pounds 3 ounces...eeek!  That puts you a good three weeks ahead...more like 30 weeks along!  Since we are having a c-section for sure, the doc could care less what your weight is.  But, I would bet right now you will be 9.5 - 10 pounds at birth.  We will see!  I have always been a fan of big babies - makes me feel like I won't break you when you are born.  And, if you happen to be born early, you'd already be at least three pounds!

And I couldn't resist, but to compare you and your little sis side-by-side since we had a 3D ultrasound at 27 weeks with her too. I'd say you both are just killing it with those cheeks!!!!  CANNOT wait to see what you look like in my arms!

Speaking of comparisons, I keep thinking about how different  this pregnancy is than with Avery.  Nothing major really, just several things that have happened with you that never happened with her or was different with her. I thought I would list out the differences, just so I can keep these somewhere to look back on and not forget them along the way.

1.  Mask - I have darker spots on my cheeks from pregnancy with you
2.  Boobs - sorry to be so blunt, but my boobs have gotten so much bigger with you than with Avery!
3.  Belly - I am carrying you a lot lower than with Avery.  She was all up in my chest and you sit much lower.  Not sure if that is second pregnancy or just a difference.
4.  Spider veins - not too happy about this one!  With you, especially on my upper left thigh, I have tons of spider veins that are not cute at all!  They look like bruises actually!  Never had any of these with your sister.
5.  Bigger - my belly is just bigger this time around with you!
6.  Pregnancy symptoms - with Avery, I was exhausted first trimester.  I can remember only twice that I felt a wee bit queasy with her.  With you, I was definitely queasy a lot of mornings and even at night.  Never through up though.  This also carried over a bit until second trimester where I would get queasy after eating.  And plenty of exhaustion with you too!  Also, had headaches for a couple weeks with you too!  And heartburn with you in the 1st and 2nd trimester.

I'm sure there is more, but I'll stop there for now.  Love you baby boy!  Keep cooking and growing!  But not too big, okay?!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

25 Weeks - Trip to Colorado

Hi baby boy!  I am officially at 25 weeks and so happy that we are at a point of viability.  I will feel so much more comfortable at 28 weeks...30 weeks, etc. but for right now, I'm happy to be at a point where if I would go into labor, you'd be small, but able to possibly live out here in the real world!  I think you are about 13-14 inches and the size of a ear of corn....and I'd guess around 1.5-2 pounds.

You are a real kicker in there!  I really love it.  I started feeling you so much earlier compared to Avery, so it starts to make me wonder how much harder and harder you will be kicking towards the end (because she got really active at the end).  You bounce on my bladder a lot more than she ever did.  I feel like you are sitting a lot lower than she did too.  Pretty much everyone around me has felt you kick except for Avery.  She has no patience.  =)

My feet are starting to do the swelling thing (like they did with your sister), but overall, I feel like they are a little better than with her.  Especially with a car trip to Colorado over and done, it's really been decent.  My compression stockings were a life saver for the car trips.  Definitely help a ton.

Another thing happening is my rising blood sugars.  This happened with Avery too, I have to keep reminding myself, but man, I feel like I just can't get my blood sugars down for anything.  They aren't even over 200...they just hang out around 150-180, no matter what I do!  For this Mama, it's just tough.  I try and do everything I can to keep you safe and this area is just only halfway under my control.  The good news that I have to remember is that my rising blood sugars mean the need for more and more insulin to do the same job as prior to pregnancy...which ultimately means my placenta is functioning well and healthy.  It just stinks to imagine what I am doing to you in there.  Right now, I really think I'm just packing on the pounds for you, but there's always that worry.  I'm betting right now you'll be a 10-pounder.  I guess since I am having a c-section, it doesn't really matter.  It's just my own personal struggle.  I don't really even share it with others...just something that is always on my mind.  Your Daddy reminded me tonight that if I doing my best (which I am), then God has got to be blessing this pregnancy and He'll take care of the rest.  I think you have a smart Daddy.

On to the fun stuff!  We just got back from our trip to Colorado to see all your Nana, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins.  We were there for about a week and a half and stayed mainly with your Aunt Soila and Uncle Meme.  Saw your Nana a bunch, as well as your Uncle Kenny and Aunt Rhonda.  For the last couple nights, we headed more towards Denver to stay with your Uncle Joe and Aunt Nora.  Avery had a blast and was a great little girl the whole time.  I was pleasantly surprised!  She even learned to love sharing a bed with your sister Megan (which she has never done before).  My blood sugars started hanging in the mid-high 100's while we were there and were much tougher to drop.  This happened when I was pregnant with Avery too and we went to I've always suspected the altitude affected them.  And now I wonder even more.  They've still been higher than I want for the last 24 hours since we have been home, so we'll see tomorrow if they come back into a normal range or not.

Here's some pictures from the you baby boy!  We talk about you all the time and your Daddy and I were just talking today about how much we wish you were already here with us!  We can't wait!

At Nana's House before we left for Denver

Your big sister eating frozen yogurt with a Frozen crown on

At Estes Park - Meggie, Avery and Nana

Your Sissy and Aunt Soila in Estes Park

Your Cousins, Andrew and BJ with Avery on the trolley in Estes

You sister is obsessed with trains - Nana and her are watching one go by at Aunt Soila's house

Nana and Avery

Avery found a back scratcher and was making your sister very happy!

Avery at Tiny Town - fun little place near Denver that we went to with your Aunt Nora

Tiny Town

Your sisters having fun at Tiny Town

More Tiny Town - there you are!

Avery and Uncle Joe

Avery and Bella

Kyndall wasn't able to come with us because of school, but while we were gone, she had a photo shoot and this picture is pretty awesome! 

Taking pictures of the Rocky Mountains on the trip home

I think they were faking it! 

Trip Home - Utah - Gorgeous! 

Trip Home - Arizona - not too shabby either!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

21 Weeks - Father's Day!

Hey Little Guy!  It is our 21 week mark and thought I would jot a couple details down for you.  Plus, it's Father's Day today, so it was a fun day for your Daddy with all his girls (and boy) around loving on him.  Here's what's new with you and my body this week:

  • Starting to swell...that's just swell.  =) This is about the time it happened with your Big Sis Avery, so I'm ready for it.  Not the worst thing that could ever happen, but not fun either.  If I work out in the morning, drink lots of water and use my magnesium lotion, it really does help...but not every day is like that, so then my ankles and feet get a little puffy.
  • My blood sugars are starting to run a little high (like mid-high 100's) and for no reason.  If I ate a high carb meal, I would expect it....but today and a little of yesterday have been baffling to I'm wondering if we are starting the rise and will have to adjust my basal rates up 5-10%.  Again, this is just about the time it happened with Avery, so really no surprise.  Just not looking forward to it!  
  • On the fun side, you have been quite the wiggly worm inside my belly!  I really started feeling you around 18 weeks, which is about three weeks earlier than Avery, so I have loved that!  And there are some days where you are chill and and feel you some...and days like yesterday and today where you are punching and kicking away!  I have an anterior placenta with you (just like your sis), so wasn't expecting to feel you so early, but completely loving it that I am!  Right now, you are kicking away in there!
I am leaving you with a little picture from today!  These are four of the five goobers you are getting yourself involved with in just a few months!  =)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anatomy Scan - 19.5 Weeks

Hi baby BOY!  We just got back from your anatomy scan today.  BEST NEWS EVER - you are measuring out perfectly!  The doc is so happy and so are we!  He said if there is one test that matters, it's this one...and we came out with flying colors! Such a relief for your Mommy and Daddy!  All your Sisters went with us today.  Avery Jo did awesome the whole time...we had to wait for a while at first and then she did great during the scan too.  She was asking all kinds of questions as she watched you on the screen.  It was cute!

You are measuring a week or so ahead, which is fine with me and the doctor.  Since we are having a scheduled c-section and you measured perfect today...he said he could care less how big you are!  The biggest hurdles have already happened and are over.  Makes a Mama's heart happy to hear that!  I was hoping to schedule your c-section date about a week and a half earlier than you due date (Oct 27)...BUT, with government getting involved in healthcare more and more, they won't let hospitals go a second before a week before the due date.  Which means, unless you come earlier on your own, your birthday will be Oct. 20!

Here's your profile shot from are so cute! Love you so much!